The higher is the original rating, the lower is the boost. In this case, the only limit you have is the list’s maximum capacity that can be increased with the respective EAS FC catalogue items. At the beginning of the game, all the FIFA 18 players cards belong to the regular category. During this period, the RB cards replace the corresponding regular cards in packs. In other words, in the week a player gets his TOTW cards in packs, it is impossible to find his regular card there. The World Cup has its own FUT, with a new database and refreshed ratings and stats. FIFA 18 PLAYERS CARDS Two will be in packs from launch while the third, the Prime ICON, will be available at a specific time during the season. ✔️ Introduced 8 new legends, ✔️ FIFA 15 design applied to FUT 15 cards ️ FUT 12 | RATING: ⚪ | FREQUENCY: ⚪ | AVAILABILITY: ⚪⚪. ️ FUT 17 | RATING: ⚪⚪⚪ | FREQUENCY: ⚪⚪⚪ | AVAILABILITY: ⚪. The Ratings Refresh are usually released in February with the goal of adjust the players’ rating and players’ attributes to the reality. ️ FUT 12 | RATING: | FREQUENCY: ⚪⚪⚪ | AVAILABILITY: ⚪⚪. The FIFA 18 FUT Birthday card is a themed card created to celebrate the Ultimate Team anniversary. ✔️ ‘Category’ was named ‘type’, Thanks Rodrigo. Featuring current players who were fan favorites in previous versions, each FUT Birthday Squad member has upgraded ratings reminiscent of their past FUT item and a brand-new item type. Completing the Winner SBC is the only way to get the Winner item. It featured iMOTM cards releases, classical international heroes, featured tournaments, two team of the tournaments and mystery packs. For who doesn’t know, FIFA eWorld Cup is the final stage of the FUT Competitive game mode. ✔️ Added Movember cards These cards are released two times in the year: during the Winter Transfers Season, on January and February, and during the Summer Transfers Season, from July to September. These special cards are only available in the game when specific challenges are live. Icon Logo. Best, ️ FUT 18 | RATING: ⚪⚪ | FREQUENCY: ⚪⚪⚪ | AVAILABILITY: ⚪⚪. ✔️ Introduced 15 new legends As soon as this period ends, their ratings revert back to match their initially released upgrade. They are available in gold, silver and bronze qualities, according to the difficulty of the achievement and they are delivered on the first Thursday of each month. These special cards are available in packs for 24 hours or one week. It is a very clean transparent background image and its resolution is 768x768 , … No, they are not supposed to receive updates if the respective TOTS card is released. They are always in packs, for the whole the year, except when it is being released another card of that player. Unlike what happens with the other players, the Icons can’t receive new cards improving their stats. ✔️ Added the FUTMas cards The Ones to Watch cards are assigned to a very limited selection of young players who have moved to new clubs during the transfer windows. There are two types of MOTM cards: dMOTM, domestic man of the match cards, used for domestic cups played by clubs; and cMOTM, continental man of the match, used for continental tournaments played by clubs. 92. Hey Rodrigo, quick question. All other cards are modifications made from these ones. When a player moves from his club to another one in the real life, EA Sports releases a new card of this player: the transfer card. It was untradeable, which means that you could not sell it. Jan 13, 2018 - Create your own FIFA Ultimate Team custom player card and download it to your computer. These cards are usually more valuable than the other ones but mostly because their discard price is also higher. If you like making your own card designs, try our new Card Designer. © FIFAUTeam Copyright 2012-2020 | All FIFA assets property of EA Sports. However, it only lasts for one match. Ultimate Team (Black Yellow) Ultimate Team small (Black Yellow) Ultimate Team small (White Yellow) ... FIFA 21 Card Creator. Since many years ago, EA is rewarding the best players of international tournaments with special cards. Design your own card ️ FUT 17 | RATING: ⚪⚪ | FREQUENCY: ⚪ | AVAILABILITY: ⚪⚪. In fact, the card with the green arrow was in the EA’s database and would be very useful to differentiate between the two cards. The FIFA 18 players cards are the most important and also the most complex of the game. To own one of these cards is like having a player in your team with potential to play permanently as well as he did when he stood out. The FIFA 18 green cards are awarded to a selection of the best Irish players to celebrate the St Patricks Day. ❌ Removed the Storymode cards Play and practice on our FIFA 18 Draft Simulator. Import Squad Calculator Stats Calculator FUT Calculator FUT Card Creator. Design your own card These cards are assigned to a selection of players chosen based on exceptional real world performances, records and FUT attributes, and released all at once in a single FUT squad of 23 players with upgraded ratings as unique items. ️ FUT 18 | RATING: ⚪⚪⚪ | FREQUENCY: ⚪⚪⚪ | AVAILABILITY: . ️ FUT 13 | RATING: ⚪⚪ | FREQUENCY: ⚪⚪ | AVAILABILITY: . If you play against someone with one of these cards that’s because you are playing against a real professional football player. The selected items will continue to get upgrades based on certain national team performances throughout the summer. Featuring current players who were fan favorites in previous versions, each FUT Birthday Squad member has upgraded ratings reminiscent of their past FUT item and a brand-new item type. MAN OF THE MATCH CARDS (MOTM) Every week EA Sports selects twenty three players of any quality based on their good real life performances on the previous week and joined them in a single team. Their chemistry also works in a different way. LOGIN; CREATE ACCOUNT; FUT 21. We will explain each card one by one. You can keep as many player’s cards as you want in your club, as long as there are no duplicates. It gives you the chance to play with, for example, Pelé, Thierry Henry or Diego Maradona in you team. Every month, Electronic Arts replicates the TOTW cards of the previous month and release them on the FUT Champions monthly rewards. ❌ Removed the Movember cards In order to do that, you just need to select ‘send to the active squad‘. Really appreciate all the work you’ve done to create this resource. Nominee items do not get an automatic upgrade. Futwatch FUT Card Creator. ✔️ Added Halloween cards There are so many colours that it can be complex to understand the role of each card. Compared to last year, there are two types of player’s cards that will not feature on FIFA 18: Movember cards and The Journey. Their FUTTIES Winner item will then be made available with boosted stats (one to three points) and feature a gold trim to signify their accomplishment in a separate Winner SBC. It can be the tallest goalkeeper of his league, the only player from a country in a particular league or even a CB with an exceptional attribute compared to players with a similar overall. It is not possible to improve the rating or the stats of any player card, except using training cards. Only asking cause in your descriptions under PTG and OTW cards you didn’t include TOTS. The only difference between the St Patricks cards and their respective original NIF cards is the colour. DAY 1 CARDS | TRANSFER CARDS | UPGRADED CARDS. Each one of these players have 3 unique versions, each representing a period in their career. | FREQUENCY: ⚪⚪⚪ | AVAILABILITY: ? For the first time ever, themed cards will be associated to this event. ICONS CARDS You can have them duplicated on the transfer list or targets, though. Watch Queue Queue The ratings and attributes boost of Record Breaker cards depend on their original ratings and the particular record that is broken. ✔️ Added Storymode cards Introduced first in FUT 15, Concept squads allows you to populate your squads with players you don’t own to see how they fit. ⛔ FIFA eWORLD CUP ✔️ Added the World Cup cards ️ FUT 12 | RATING: | FREQUENCY: – | AVAILABILITY: –. Tradeable | ⛔ Untradeable | New Card, REGULAR CARDS DAY 1 CARDS FIFA 18 with Icon Badge. Each professional player chosen by EA has his own Pro Player card. FESTIVAL OF FUTBALL UPGRADED CARDS, IN FORM CARDS Its resolution is 481x652 and it is transparent background and PNG format . This way you will only spend coins on cards you don’t have and you will be equipping your club according to what it needs. ✔️ Added FUT Birthday cards Regular cards are the most basic ones. That team is called Team of the Week and you can play against them in the ‘TOTW Challenge’. During the Halloween period these player “come alive” and get ratings boosts, making them utterly terrifying. Once 23-man national squads are announced in early June, players who have made their country’s final squad will have their Path to Glory Contender item automatically updated to be a Path to Glory Selected item. Every year, EA Sports builds teams based on the players real life performances on that season. Opposite to almost all other FUT cards, the OTW ratings and stats are not fixed. In FIFA 18, it is expected to see the TOTT cards assigned to the best players of European Champions League – Team of the Groups Stage (TOTGS) and Team of the Knockout stage (TOTKS). I just stumbled across your website last week and it is FANTASTIC. As soon as upgraded cards are released, they replace all the respective regular cards that are supposed to be released in packs until the end of the game. TEAM OF THE WEEK CARDS (TOTW), SPECIAL CARDS ⛔ SWAP DEALS CARDS It is important to notice again that it is not possible to improve the rating or the stats in a permanent way. ✔️ Added the Swap Deals cards These black cards replace the regular player cards in specific times and boost in rating and stats every time they get new TOTW, MOTM, TOTT, Hero or Record Breaker cards. To each one of these players it is assigned a new blue card, replacing the corresponding regular card on packs for a limited time (from 3 to 7 days). These cards are usually assigned to the best players of the first half of the season. Usually, award winner cards can be of two types: POTM or POTY. The only thing that is different is their colour. Before any game, you will need to fill the starting eleven slots but also the seven slots for substitutes. The award is decided by a combination of a public vote and those from a panel of Premier League experts and current club captains. Is there any way to differentiate the two cards other than the numbers being different? ✔️ Added untradeable cards Only the game system can create non-regular cards. The ratings and attributes of most of the FUT 18 TOTS cards are usually boosted from five to nine points. Every single year, EA Sports builds a team of players based on their real life performance on the previous year. There is no boost in the stats or in the attributes. Fifa 18 Fut Card Creator - Fifa 18 (nintendo Switch) is a high-resolution transparent PNG image. Heli Rodrigo, in which gold packs can these special packs be found? TEAM OF THE YEAR CARDS (TOTY) Every single month, EA Sports makes a selection of the most in form Premier League players of the previous month. In the case of player’s cards, for example, the rare cards are assigned to players that have something that no other player has. After the Halloween period, the only difference between the Ultimate Scream cards and their respective original NIF cards is the colour and a small boost. Michael. In order to keep the game updated, Electronic Arts replicates in to FIFA 18 Ultimate Team what is happening in the real transfer market. For example Mo Salah has a OTW card currently at a 91 and he is guaranteed a TOTS this year. Unfortunately, EA didn’t use it and the only way to know which card it is, is looking at the numbers. The ratings of these Day 1 white cards ranges between 86 and 95. When his TOTS card comes out say he’s a 94 will the OTW card update as well or not? To each one of the players of this team, it is assigned a new black card which becomes available in packs for a week, replacing the corresponding regular card. These cards are only available as rewards and for that reason they are untradeable.

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