My son on the other hand is almost too big. The extendable XXL sun canopy features a UPF50+ rating and a peekaboo window. Thank you for a cup holder. Even adding the cost of the Cocoon at £100 it’s still cheaper than Bugaboo Bee5 and marginally cheaper than the Babyzen Yoyo. Inclinez le dossier jusqu'à une position à plat pour une utilisation naissance. It is very easy to push. It’s great to just lift out of the box. Compact and light – folds small enough to fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane*. The Balios S 2-in-1: Converts from a regular seat stroller into a carry cot stroller. Easy & fast click-on and click-off system. They’re clearly laid out and easy to follow. .zone-liens-faq ul li{margin:0;padding:0;display:block;text-align:left; } .cat-zone-lien a:hover{color: #333333;text-decoration:underline;}, .content7340{float:left;height: 142px;} Deux concepts stores pour les tout-petits branchés, Notre première boutique de 500 m² située à côté de Lyon, Notre seconde boutique de 600 m² dans l'ouest Parisien, Sélectionnez une rubrique dans notre liste, Vous souhaitez nous contacter concernant un autre sujet. At a price tag of £270 you’re getting good value with the Cybex Eezy S Twist. Our test winner at German Stiftung Warentest 11/2017. 0-36m. The Cocoon S is a lie-flat nest which has a cushioned head and neck support. It is very useful when your baby/toddler needs attention. Issue I found with the stroller is the wheels are smaller then I like. Cybex Gold Eezy S Twist Fashion Edition... Safety 1st Urban Trek poussette 3 roues légère... Goodbaby Qbit+ All-Terrain poussette tout... Politique de gestion des données personnelles. Expand your Eezy S, Eezy S+, Eezy S Twist and Eezy S Twist+ with a variety of Accessories. Votre éligibilité à la livraison avant 10h ou 13h vous sera confirmée au moment du choix de votre mode de livraison. La Cybex Gold Eezy S Twist Fashion Edition, de la naissance à 17kg (environ 4 ans), idéal pour vos voyages en avion. Measuring only L 10.2 x W 17.7 x H 22 inches when folded, it is small enough to fit in the overhead compartment of an airplane (check for restrictions with your airline carrier before travel). More safety with SENSORSAFE. Compact and … .lien_communautaire {height: 40px; width: 40px; background-color: #999999; display:block; border-radius: 20px; float: left; margin-right: 10px; background-repeat: no-repeat; } I particularly like the embroidered Cybex logo on backrest/headrest of buggy. My daughter was too big for the stroller, she was not comfortable and when she leaned back, she was too tall and head hit the canopy. This is our second Cyber stroller and we like it a lot. Included rain cover protects your child from wind, rain and snow, keeping them dry and comfortable. But you can’t have everything and you get a lot. Complete your Melio with perfect accessories. Compact and … Delivery time takes 1 to max. The stylish footmuffs are compatible with our Pushchairs. A versatile, compact buggy with innovative features at a reasonable price. As an all-around urban stroller, the CYBEX Eezy S Twist 2 is the perfect choice for families who want a modern ride that makes travel faster, simpler and more enjoyable. But most exciting part about this stroller is the 360 rotating option, don't think any stroller has this feature, in fact most travel strollers only face out, but sometimes I want my baby to face me. You can attach any CYBEX or gb infant car seat to the Eezy S Twist 2. Ind. The base provides extra stability and safety. For children under 6 months, you can either use the Cot S or a CYBEX infant car seat with included adapters. This allows young babies to be placed in the sheltered parent-facing position so they can feel safe and protected in sight of their mother or father. Versatile 3-in-1 Travel System using the Balios S seat unit, Cocoon S (sold separately), and CYBEX infant car seats (sold separately) using the included adapters. As the baby grows and becomes more curious about the world, the seat can be easily placed in a front-facing position. .zone-liens-faq {font-family: proxima nova regular; padding-top: 28px;vertical-align: top; } On-the-go parents have never had a better travel companion for their children The CYBEX Eezy S Twist is designed with a wide range of smart features, which can all be operated with just one hand so you don’t have to let go of your little one. Ils peuvent être déposés par nos partenaires qui proposent des services additionnels sur les pages de notre site web ou par nous. Eezy S Twist 2. .anim-rond {background-image:url(/ab/img/general/footer/footer-sprite.png);background-color:#EEEEEE;width:36px;height:36px;border-radius:50%;-webkit-transform: rotate(0deg);-moz-transform: rotate(0deg);-ms-transform: rotate(0deg);-o-transform: rotate(0deg);transform: rotate(0deg);transition: all 0.7s ease 0s;-moz-transition: all 0.7s ease 0s;-webkit-transition: all 0.7s ease 0s;-o-transition: all 0.7s ease 0s;} Bright Starts Anneau de dentition en caoutchouc... We Made Me Wuti Wrap écharpe porte-bébé Pebble, Cybex Gold Eezy S Fashion Edition Poussette, Easywalker Miley Poussette compacte - KDO volant, Easywalker Disney Buggy XS Poussette compacte, Poussette Yoki CBX by Cybex Smoky Anthracite. Rear-facing position joined with smart technology. This is my favorite stroller and we use it everywhere. New products. Easily. Netherlands (delivery time 3-5 working days). For a small stroller the Eezy S Twist basket is surprisingly deep so competes well with other buggies of similar size. Offers the choice of a parent-facing or forward-facing stroller set-up. The perfect fit for years: as a 2-in-1 seat, Pallas S-Fix is designed to grow with your child from 9 months to 12 years. Crucially, the toddler seat can face both parent or world, which most compact strollers, such as the Babyzen Yoyo, the UPPAbaby Minu or the Babyjogger City Tour don’t offer. Isabella’s not a small 18-month-old and the seat is cosy but snug for her already. Connects Eezy S, Eezy S Twist and Balios S with CYBEX and selected gb infant car seats. With the seat unit, Cot S (sold separately), and any CYBEX infant car seat (sold separately) using the included adapters. Melanie took the Eezy S Twist out on different surfaces including stores and shopping centres, riverside paths, parks and pitches. A variety of Accessories completes your Balios S. Ultra-lightweight, ultra-modern and ultra-convenient: Melio, our lightest stroller. Pro’s: -Lightweight -Small in size -Car seat attachement is easy to emplace -Easy to spin and remove seat -It is possible to open and close the stroller with one hand -Removable wheels make it even smaller Con’s: -Not very easy to push the buttons to open and close the stroller one handed -Seat is relatively small. Looking forward to start exploring new places. Modern design classics combining functionality and charm. avis, De la naissance jusqu'à 15 kg, le mécanisme de pliage compact à une main rend la poussette ETU Plus pratique et facile à utiliser, La poussette canne idéale pour vos voyages en avion, le modèle Fox d'Asalvo s'utilise de la naissance jusqu'à 22 kg. One-click installation that requires no further fastening. The Cybex seat unit is a snug fit especially when my little one is napping and it’s in recline. We offer an extended right of return within 30 days of purchase. .div_sites_groupe {width: 100%;} What I got was so much more, a "travel stroller" that's good enough for every day life. Faites-vous livrer dans un Relais proche, et disposez d'une large plage horaire pour prendre possession de vos colis. Your child can face you or look out into the world with a seat that rotates in seconds. Get a helpful stranger to take the strain at that end! The car seats that are compatible include the Cybex Aton M, Cybex Aton Q, Cybex Aton Q i-Size, Cybex Cloud Q and gb Idan. Part of the Modular System, highest safety in a rear-facing position and smart technology with SENSORSAFE. The underside of the footrest can dig into your hands. Soaks up bumpy roads and sidewalks to ensure a smooth ride for parent and child. I was so excited to get my stroller in the mail! Emmenez-la partout et pliez-la à l'aide d'une seule main pour ne jamais lâcher celle de votre enfant. The Eezy S Twist makes for an ideal travelling companion. For children under 6 months, you can either use the Cot S (sold separately) or a CYBEX infant car seat with included adapters. A variety of Accessories completes your Gazelle S. Ready to twist again? SENSORSAFE gives additional safety to the infant car seat Cloud Z i-Size. There are so many great features to this stroller! It construction/frame seems very sturdy. CYBEX Gold Collection L'EEZY S TWIST est la nouvelle poussette compacte dont vous aviez rêvé : légère et ultra maniable, découvrez également son … My only "complaint" was that, when compared to another brand's comparable stroller, it does NOT collapse as compactly as the YoYo+. The Solution S i-Fix adapts perfectly to your child´s needs. Alternatively you can buy a cocoon to make it newborn friendly. Calle Graham Bell, 8 .titre_sites_groupe {margin-bottom: 1em; margin-top: 1em;} The Eezy S Twist is brilliant for newborns with compatible car seats or the cocoon options. Following destinations can unfortunately not be delivered. The Balios S family has an elegant new member: The Balios S Lux. The one-hand fold, self-standing frame and its super light to carry. A positive about the handlebar is it doubles as the carry handle when the buggy is folded. It’s a great tool for eeking out nap times or quick nappy changes on the go. Even adding the cost of the Cocoon at £100 it’s still cheaper than Bugaboo Bee5 and marginally cheaper than the Babyzen Yoyo. OFFICIAL CYBEX STORE The fabric is good quality and stands up to rain pretty well, and is easy to wash clean. Germany, Personal support from landline: Urban Trek est une poussette 3 trois roues, facile à manœuvrer et dotée d'un guidon réglable. If I don’t strap her in tightly she’s been known to take her arms out of the harness. Now at the CYBEX-Store! La garantie "30 nuits à l'essai" concerne uniquement les matelas et sommiers, de taille standard (90x190, 140x190, 160x200 cm).Toute demande d'échange ne pourra porter que sur une taille identique à celle choisie lors de la commande initiale. Special offers. Expand your LEMO Chair with a variety of Accessories. Seuls les clients ayant acheté leur produit sur les sites du Groupe LDLC sont autorisés à déposer un avis. Freedom with a Twist. The baby carrier delivers easy and intuitive fit for parents of all sizes. Sometimes, we earn revenue through affiliate (click-to-buy) links. It’s best just to get them out of the seat first. This is quite unusual for compact strollers, who often only go up to 15kg. Freedom with a Twist. This smart function allows quick and simple rotation of the seat unit with one hand. Caractéristiques de la poussette ultra compacte Eezy S Twist de Cybex : •  Canopy pare-soleil avec visière UPF50+. I love that it works with my Cybex Aton infant seat & it's incredibly smooth & easy to open & collapse. Plus d'information sur notre politique de cookies >, Dossier inclinable sur différentes positions dont une "dos plat", 4 grandes roues tout-terrain à suspensions, Matières : Aluminium (châssis), plastique (châssis), polyester (assise et canopy) et polyuréthane (roues), Dimensions ouverte : l. 45 x P. 80,5 x H. 105 cm, Dimensions pliée : l. 45 x P. 59 x H. 28 cm, Utilisation face monde : De 0 à 22 kg (environ 4 ans), Utilisation face parents : de 0 à 15 kg (environ 3 ans). Expand your MIOS with a variety of Accessories. I like that security belts can be moved with the baby growth and seat has a leg rest - makes it more comfortable for a little one. Des cookies de réseaux sociaux peuvent également être enregistrés par des tiers lorsque vous visitez notre site, et notamment que vous utilisez les fonctionnalités des réseaux sociaux sur notre site. Yes, I felt the frame was nice and sturdy. In addition, its fold is one of the smallest I have come across (although the Yoyo or the GB Pockit, for example, are still smaller). It’s not for outdoors-y types who spend hours out in the countryside but it is a perfect match for parents navigating urban streets and public transport. Choisissez votre liste dans le menu déroulant ci-dessous puis cliquez sur 'Valider' pour confirmer l'ajout du produit. I think this stroller would be perfect for kids under 2. This allows young babies to be placed in the sheltered parent-facing position so they can feel safe and protected in sight of their mother or father. Enregistrer des produits sur votre liste d'envies pour les acheter plus tard ou partager avec vos amis. Everything in the box – including wheels, sun canopy, shopping basket – is fitted and ready to go. However, we never allow this to influence our coverage. Changing bag, footmuff, ski-attachment for the front wheels or Kid Board, a rich choice of Accessories is available for PRIAM. That’s true of a newborn, but with a toddler it presents a little more of a challenge. Vous ne pouvez pas déposer d'avis sur ce produit. I live in downtown Boston with lots of cobblestone and brick sidewalks, and the shocks on the stroller make for a smooth ride regardless. Currently the Eezy S Twist +2 is only available in black, however check out the Eezy S Twist 2 for a variety of color options. Ask my 6’4” husband, and the handlebar comes up just fine. I have a big 2 year old son and a 4 year old daughter. Makes the Eezy S Twist suitable from birth. The Cybex Eezy S Twist has some stylish branding detail. Expand your MIOS with a variety of accessories. The Eezy S+ 2 enables you to take on the challenges of family travel without missing a step. With its 45cm width, the seat unit is narrow. *Airline luggage and carry-on allowances are subject to change. Poussette GRANDE LX Kinderkraft, spacieuse et... Poussette naissance jusqu'à 22 kg Cotton - Asalvo. .lien_communautaire:last-child {margin-right: 0;} While it still collapses to a small unit, the YoYo+ collapses even MORE, small enough to fit in an overhead compartment on an airplane (the Eezy Twist would not). Isabella’s feet dangle because her legs aren’t long enough to reach the footrest. MULTIPLE RECLINE FUNCTION TO NEAR-FLAT POSITION. From birth up to 4 years. Seat unit suitable from 6 months to 55 lbs. Orders are delivered Monday through Friday; except on public holidays. It measures L 20 in / W 18 in / H 12 in its most compact folded size. It’s very easy to put together and open and close it. Awake, Isabella’s sometimes leaning further forward than the seat will take her. In addition the Eezy S Twist is cheaper in comparison to the Babyzen Yoyo (£100 more) and the Bee 5 (nearly £400 more), but in my opinion it’s just as versatile. Plus there are 4 fashion and 2 Cybex for Ferrari prints to choose from. The older and heavier your little one gets, the more ‘muscle’ you’ll need. En quelques secondes positionnez votre bébé face au monde ou face à vous. Pour être prévenu par mail d'une baisse de prix de cet article, renseignez vos coordonnées ainsi que le montant en Euros du seuil de déclenchement de votre alerte. The all new 4-in-1 seating solution can be used from birth (with Bouncer) up to approx. It's an all in one must have item. The popular Babyzen Yoyo and Bugaboo Bee 5 are both heavier (the former just a tad). Les clients qui ont acheté ce produit ont également acheté... Vous devez vous connecter ou créer un compte, Humidificateurs, Ioniseur, Purificateur d'air. French DOM TOM, CTOM, New Caledonia and Cityssimo. Cybex claims that you can use the swivel function with the child in seat. One-hand fold into a compact, self-standing package for convenient storage. You could comfortably fit a 12-pack of coke, with some space spare for a few smaller items. It’s well designed with parents in mind. Vous bénéficiez sur cet article d'une garantie de 30 nuits à l'essai à réception de votre commande à votre domicile. Copyright © 2020 GmbH Test winner at German Stiftung Warentest 11/2016 and part of the M-Line Modular System. Eezy S Twist - Lavastone Black Infant/Child Stroller. This stroller has everything you need, a great recline for baby to sleep comfortably, a foot rest (had to ber purchased separately with my previous travel stroller), a belly bar included, very cushiony seat provides comfort for little one, cup holder options and carseat adapter to attach an infant cybex carseat. I received this produce as part of the Savvy Sampling Program. Expand your Eezy S, Eezy S+ and Eezy S Twist with a variety of Accessories. Simply remove the seat unit and attach the car seat to the frame using adapters, which are included with your purchase. When the seat is set in a front-facing position, it can safely carry a child up to 50 lbs in weight. Coque Cybex Aton M, quand l'Innovation Modulaire rencontre les plus hauts standards de sécurité. I love the look and size of the stroller. It’s small when folded, light to carry, has an auto-lock frame, is self-standing and has a travel bag that can be purchased separately. .site_groupe:last-child {padding-right: 0;} At a height of 103cm off the ground, it is supposed to cater for an average height but it feels too high to me. Changing bag, footmuff, ski-attachment for the front wheels or Kid Board, a rich choice of accessories is available for PRIAM. Optimised and tested safety for your child with the Sirona S i-Size (German Stiftung Warentest 06/2018). A one-hand folding mechanism transforms the Eezy S Twist into a compact, self-standing package in seconds, perfect for public transportation, narrow streets and travel. La nouvelle Cybex Eezy S Twist ​est la nouvelle poussette compacte de naissance dont vous aviez rêvé : légère et ultra maniable, découvrez également son siège rotatif 360. It’s always best to check with the airline first before travelling. By 2 years to 2.5 years I’m not so sure she’ll be as comfortable. Ideal for the city lifestyle, the Eezy S Twist 2 folds into a compact, self-standing position, so you can stow and go. .zone-liens-faq ul{list-style:none;margin:0;padding:0;} A child can sit in the parent-facing position until he or she has reached 33 lbs in weight. The reboarder sets new standards in the area of side- and front-impact protection and delivers the latest technology for more safety.

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