My wife phoned up today to arrange to send my daughter's TM31 for repairs, and got the run-a-round wanting to know her details, when my wife was arranging repairs on her behalf and it is out of warranty. Sort of makes it not worth the $$$. My favourite all time use is making butter YUMMY! First Published 1/8/2019 UPDATED The fhermomix is a food processor and a pot. I was surprised how reasonable the quoted repair costs were. The seal in the lid rots or comes loose on a regular basis, which lets liquid drain into the electrics of the machine and causes complete technical meltdown. Received an email tonight stating that again they found nothing wrong with it and apparently the lid detatching is completely normal. my lid is hard to lock in place and almost impossible to take off. I do not think that our local post office would get a lot of people dropping off their thermomix machines to be sent for repairs. Purchased my machine in 2013 and has been a dud since day 1. Great for people who don't have time to slave away in the kitchen. Discover the new Thermomix TM5 with more than 12 functions. They are sending new TM5 machines to the owners of the machines sold and delivered with the 3 months period (so faulty machines are still in homes of families), but all the other ones, which they have identified as faulty but were sold outside the period are not being recalled. Simply put in a pristine, sealed environment the product is outstanding groundbreaking even. I noted that it made it a lot harder to close the lid and the force needed to close the lid distorted the pouring lip. I have even offered to pay an additional fee for an extended parts and labor warranty and this has been flatly refused. A new green seal was sent out to me. I have to put a wet ...Read more, The fhermomix is a food processor and a pot. If you hop onto Google and type in ‘Christmas gifts for Dad,’ you’ll likely be met with a barrage of ads for personalised beer glasses and novelty socks. The spatula plastic also started crumbling and eventually started disintegrating. I know four restaurants within a radius of 400 yards who all have Thermomix products and they have all had the same constant, ongoing, relentless... ly draining and stressful issues with the machine and this includes the tm5. Oh, and you will never buy butter ever again! Even all over my ceiling! As such, I use my machine for cold cooking, chopping and shakes. I have had my TM31 for five years now. The tm31 idea is brilliant and it could have saved you time in the kitchen. Thermomix TM31 has been discontinued and replaced by Thermomix TM5. Some of the pros I've found for my TM31 are that it's powerful and can mill things like nuts with ease. It was always reliable (I had a couple of minor things fixed over the years – the scales and blades etc), but otherwise, my trusty TM31 This excellent comparison reiterates what I said Friday after the … I received an unexpected bequest from my uncle and I decided to buy a Thermomix, more or less on the spur of the moment, because I saw one for half price on Gumtree. When you press all the buttons and wander off. They lied to me about a new model coming out and then when my lid kept unlocking itself and hot liquid was splashing out they did not inform me that they were aware that there was an issue with my machine and people were being burnt. Similar opinion? This didn’t overly worry me. They were replaced straight away but my suspi... cions were up. Register now and take advantage of ProductReview's Brand Management Platform! Scales are incorrect. We still don't know how and where to send it off for repairs. Terrible company and worst customer service. If you want to see the injuries it can cause jump on to youtube and check it out. I purchased the tm31 for commercial use about two years ago. After that, there is no going back. To give Dad something he actually loves - and uses daily - read on for a list of Christmas gift ideas on Dad's secret wish list. Because it was a windfall, I didn’t feel the need to justify spending $1000 on a piece of gadgetry. All of the things you make with it can be done very easily and for less $$$.You need to clean it 7 times every meal.With any chilled meal it ends up like slip.Amy cooked meal ends up as slop.Risotto is butchered by the stir function and pulverized by the blade function.Chicken and meat are shredded when stirred or cut turning it into shaved pieces of meat.I would not recommend this product to anyone ever.But at your own risk. Tricky customer service. I contacted the UK supplier , gulped at the price, had a demo and here we are. I know four restaurants within a radius of 400 yards who all have Thermomix products and they have all had the same constant, ongoing, relentless...Read more. Since many mothers tend to spout selfless phrases like ‘please don’t spend any money on me,’ Christmas is a great opportunity to spoil your Mum. TM6 Thermomix review – The TM6 has been available in Australia now since July 2019. They lied to me about a new model coming out and then when my lid kept unlocking itself and hot liquid was splashing out they did not inform me that they were aware that there was an issue with my machine and people were being burnt. Thermomix TM6 review: With its caramelisation mode, sous-vide cooking, more accurate scales and touchscreen, the ultimate kitchen gadget just got better. It is obviously held together by glue, and a screw (which has rusted through). The woman selling the machine said it belong to her sister who had only used it about 12 times. The online recipe collection is can pretty much thermomix anything!! Until then, I had never made risotto - now I have a repertoire of risottos - including creamy garlic prawn - my fave. EDIT: From Bad to Great - How Thermomix turned it around. Told to take it to the local post office who will send it on, but did not give the address to put on the box. It has never been "amazing" to me as someone who actually enjoys cooking tasteful food. Ranges from whole cheesecakes to pizza to vegies and meat meals. I still need my food processor for when I want to grate carrots for instance, or slice things. The TM31 in coming up for its 10th birthday and has been lugged thousands of kilometres for a few years in a van. tried to get our thermomix repaired. Note (4 Nov 2014): Truemix Malaysia explained that the lack of fragrance could be due to low temperature (less ‘wok hei’ in Cantonese). Acknowledging the delays and stuff ups and getting things sorted quickly. The grinder was not really fine enough for my liking and I have tried mince but it's too chunky. All of the things you make with it can be done very easily and for less $$$. General disclaimer: All third party trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are used for the purpose of comparative advertising, criticism or review. I just got off the phone from their support line and now have to have a service but I can either, deliver the machine myself, post the machine in a box myself or get a courier. This company has been horrific to deal with from the start. Auf meine Reklamation kam die Antwort It is noisy and often shudders when in use.I had to send it for repairs and this was difficult and very expensive. After all the drama below Thermomix turned things around. This is a public forum presenting user opinions on selected products and businesses, and as such the views expressed do not reflect the opinion of I am very disappointed that such an expensive product cannot be used as intended. I estimate the cost of the machine at one hundred dollars per meal. Despite being unsafe there is difficulty in getting a refund. I have my Thermomix for over 7 years and still use it daily. Would rate it 5 stars if it didn't leak which I think can lead to major safety issues. Whilst I like the product (mainly my TM5 as it is safe) for cooking from scratch, I don't feel the company has been very honest with customers. I really love the functionality of the machine and all it can do and while it eas working it is great.. and now just on 3 years and out of warranty the screen has gone and will cost over $200 to repair.. for the price of the machine it needs a longer warranty. I couldn't live without it now after having it for over 5 years. It saves me time and encourages me to cook things like breads etc that I would not normally make by hand. In the past, when we phone up, ther... momix would send a courier to pick it up, then later they would let us know the extent of repairs and cost, and if we agree, they would fix it and send it back, and the freight would be included in the cost of repairs. I bought the old TM31 literally weeks before the new model came out. I have to put a wet ... cloth over the top to contain any mess when I use the machine but then I have a hell of a clean up of the outside of the machine. Reported to Thermomix and they took it for approximately a week to in... vestigate further. Ive now used all the settings. I love my Thermomix as a food processor, so very expensive for that.I underuse it for cooking as this model just wasn't big enough for a family of five.However the heating element has gone after less than 3 years of infrequent cooking.Very disappointing. I can not say for certain but my own strongly held personal opinion is this constitutes planned obsolescence. Very lucky no one was near by. But I don’t use mine and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. tried to get our thermomix repaired. However even then I can use it for mixing cakes , fantastic with dough .

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