Hilsa or Ilish is the most popular fish for Bengalis. Ilish or Hilsa is a seasonal fish. The page you requested could not be found. Coconut is optional. 3. Copyright @ 2020 Learncooks design by Digitalming, Best Lemon Pepper Chicken Indian style Recipe in 45 Minutes Step by Step. So today, I even have come back up with a Bengali fish formula for you. The fish is mostly available during the monsoons and that too in very limited quantities. Remember that it will be very hot and hence you should exercise extreme caution during this step. Add two teaspoon black mustard seeds and 1/2 … Nowadays Hilsa is not so pocket friendly but the positive thing is that this fish is very light weight. And now to the Ilish Bhaape or Bhapa Ilish aka Steamed Hilsa.The dish I had talked about in my earlier post, the signature Bengali Ilish dish which has to be on all important menus when Ilish is in season. Bengalis wait throughout the year and look forward to the rainy season for Ilish. Keep it aside and let it marinate for 15 minutes. ABOUT Bhapa Ilish (Steamed Hilsa Fish) RECIPE. Shorshe Ilish Bhape is a rather easy dish to cook if you have all the ingredients handy and the fish is fresh. If you are using coconut milk 1/3 cup will do good for 2 servings, You can use a mix of black and white mustard seeds, or only black mustard seeds, or simply white mustard seeds, based on what is available in your pantry. The Borishali Ilish Bhojohari serves feels and looks almost the same, though the one I am writing this recipe for is Bhapa, steamed! Add slit Green Chilies to the Curd mixture. Cooking in the Pressure Cooker Wash and clean 5-6 pieces of Hilsa/Ilish 2 Cut them in steak-size … It is believed to help reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood and regulate blood insulin levels. All Bengalese are known about this. My Ma never made this particular preparation of Ilish, it was always ilish bhaja (fried Hilsa), ilish bhaape (steamed Hilsa) or shorshe ilish ( Hilsa in mustard sauce) at our home during monsoon, the Ilish season back home. As we know Bengalis in India are fond of fish. The name fish ilish/hilsa is very popular and high cost fish among other fish. Remember, black mustard seeds have greater pungency than white mustard seeds, Turmeric adds a beautiful yellow color to the final result. Mustard Oil-1 Tsp. 1 Green chillis. Preparing for steaming the Hilsa. Shorshe Bhapa Mach is synonymous to Shorshe Bhapa Ilish! Increase the amount of poppy seeds and it will turn out equally positive minus the pungency of the mustard. Hilsa fish (Ilish) - about 500 gm (cut into medium size pieces) Ground Mustard Mustard oil Green chillies Turmeric powder Salt to taste Onion seeds (kalonji) Method 1. Today Andarmahal is presenting the recipe of Bhapa ilish Recipe to you. Hilsa steeped in a pungent mustard sauce steamed to perfection with a liberal dousing of mustard oil is a sensuous experience. It is not only an essential food in a Bong household but also considered auspicious at any occasion. Dim Bhapa is another quick and easy recipe that you can cook when you are short on time or low on energy, but wish to not order outside. That explains why it is so expensive. As the monsoon is here can Ilish be far behind. Even though it looks very polished, it is a fairly easy recipe to execute, requiring few ingredients, no special technique, and very little time. Mustard paste = 2 Tablespoon 3. Method: 1. The recipe is very uncommon and rarely cooked in Bengali homes today. Bangladeshi cuisines are enriched and loaded with delicious mouthwatering variation of recipes. Your email address will not be published. Years ago it was the day of Saraswati Pujo. The man has brought home some absolute gorgeous Hilsa, D rattles on the phone, animated and impatient, without even a pause for breath, you need to guide me now how to make Aunty’s Bhapa Ilish .. And she fried the fish wrapped in banana leaf with a very little oil. Hilsa fish (Ilish) = 500 gm 2. A simple fish curry with a side of rice and you are sorted for the day. Add Mustard Oil, Salt, Sugar and rest of the Turmeric Powder to the Curd and mix vigorously. Try refining your search, or use the navigation above to locate the post. Ilish or Hilsa (or Pulasa) is an oily fish, hence, extremely rich in Omega3 fatty acids. How to make Steamed Hilsa Fish Recipe? Ilish bhaape, also known as Shorshe lish bhapa (or bhaape) meaning steamed mustard hilsa, is a Bengali recipe of hilsa fish (a type of shad) steamed in a potent mustard, doi (yoghurt) and coconut paste. When the monsoon starts in west Bengal, every Bengali talk about Hilsa, according to Bengali, the queen of Fish. https://www.archanaskitchen.com/bhapa-ilish-recipe-steamed-hilsa Adding coconuts increase the flavor of the dish. How to make Doi Ilish Recipe First take the fish, wash with little water (Hilsa should not wash thoroughly, its taste will go by washing). Wash the fish. Coat the fish with turmeric powder and salt. Take an oven-proof baking dish. The whole family gets along and eats together over a simple meal of Ilish mach jhal deva and bhaat. Marinate the fish with the mixture and keep it in fridge for 30 minutes. Wash the fish, drain on a colander and then marinate it with a little salt and turmeric powder for about 30 minutes. Bhapa Ilish recipe is made with mustard seed paste. T ill the age of sixteen I didn't know that Ilish(Hilsa) could taste so good in a simple light jhol (a soupy gravy) like this. Ingredients: 1. Shorshe Bhapa Maach – Bengali Recipe of Steamed Salmon in Mustard Paste. For the Bengalis’ fish is an integral part of their lives. Monsoon spells its magic on us and we get hooked to ilish Ilish macher paturi, bhapa or a simple bhaja .You name it and you get it here in Bengal. If you are using coconut powder, 1 tbsp is sufficient. Step-2. This is an excellent easy and quick dish for people who do not eat meat but eat eggs. First thing that monsoon brings to our mind is Ilish (Hilsa Fish) which is a delicacy to Bengalees and is very near to our heart. I think Hilsa is most popular for its aroma and taste and also very easy to cook. It’s not available everywhere and all times. Do give this recipe a try during those weekday evenings, when your body needs food and your mind craves for deliciousness. The age old practice is to wrap the fish inside the gourd leaves or banana leaves, and the neatly tied packets will be then left inside the huge pots of freshly steamed cooked rice with steams trapped inside. Out of all the varieties of fish, Ilish always wins the hearts of the Bongs! Ingredients: For this I have taken 3 pieces of Hilsa Fish (Ilish mach) 250 grams. Ilish Bhapa is a classic Ilish preparation of Bengali cuisine where fresh hilsa is marinated in special mustard-coconut-yogurt paste and steamed in good old tiffin box. A delightful delicacy from the heart of Bengal capable to titilate any taste buds. Cover the bowl with a lid and leave it for 30 minutes with the curd marinade. make a paste with little bit of salt and 2 green chillis) Curd-1 Tsp. If you can boil a couple of eggs, crush them into the mustard gravy, you will have a creamy and more flavorful dish, one that has the pungency of the mustard, the creaminess of the egg yolks and deliciousness of the poppy seeds How to Make Best Mango Juice Recipe in 10 Minutes Step by Step at Home, How to make chicken lollipop recipe step by step with pictures, How to make the best Chicken Manchurian Recipe at Home. Add mustard powder, turmeric powder, salt, sugar and water to the … It’s said no part of ilish fish is wasted, from ilish macher tel to dim or egg, macher moro or fish head, everything is so savory and is fondly eaten too. Bengali Bhapa Ilish recipe. https://www.rumkisgoldenspoon.com/2020/04/ilish-macher-dim-bhapa.html Mustard Paste -2 Tsb (1 tsp black mustard+1 tsp white mustard . Since the last couple of years, social media feeds overloaded with the Ilish … Make a fine paste of mustard seeds along with some salt & few chilies with little water with it. Easy Bhapa Ilish Recipe (Steamed Hilsa Recipe)Made with Mustard Powder. But I love Bangladeshi or Padma Hilsha. While I understand that grating coconut may not be possible for everyone, you can get coconut milk or coconut powder in the grocery stores. This is the national fish of Bangladesh. The addition of pungent mustard oil and green chilli on top of freshly cooked Bhapa Ilish takes the … Steam Fish Recipe /Bengali Bhapa Ilish Recipe Easy Bangladeshi Hilsha(Ilish ) or Kolkata HIlsha (IlIsh) which is the best to make a traditional Bengali steam fish recipe (Bhapa Ilish)? It’s cousins include paturi where the fish is similarly marinaded and wrapped in a banana leaf. Hilsa fish cooked with mustard paste. Easy Bhapa Ilish Recipe (Steamed Hilsa Recipe)Made with Mustard Powder. Paneer Bhapa is a very easy and flavorful Bengali veg dish which goes best with steamed rice. Marinate the fish pieces with salt and 1 tablespoon turmeric powder and keep aside for 15 minutes. Bhapa ilish can be prepared in different ways. https://kitchenofdebjani.com/2012/09/bhapa-ilish-steamed-hilsa In this Paneer Bhapa recipe, paneer will be steamed in mustard, poppy seeds, coconut and yogurt gravy … If you can boil a couple of eggs, crush them into the mustard gravy, you will have a creamy and more flavorful dish, one that has the pungency of the mustard, the creaminess of the egg yolks and deliciousness of the poppy seeds. Learn How to make Bhapa Ilish? Required fields are marked *, FinallyFoodie.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees and affiliate income by advertising and linking to amazon.com and amazon.in, Eggs Steamed in Mustard and Poppy Seeds Gravy, Soak the mustard and poppy seeds in water for 20 minutes, In a mixer-grinder, prepare a fine paste of the soaked mustard seeds and poppy seeds, Boil the eggs for 6-8 minutes on high flame.You will need hard boiled eggs, Take a tiffin box and pour the mustard seeds and poppy seeds paste, Add the turmeric, slit chilies, salt, sugar, mustard oil and coconut powder, Give it a nice whisk with a spoon to mix all the ingredients uniformly, Add the eggs in the tiffin box after de-shelling them, Take spoonfuls of the marinade and pour over the eggs, In a sauce pan or pressure cooker, put in the tiffin box, Add water so that the level of the water does not rise more than 40% of the tiffin box, Cover the sauce pan or pressure cooker to prevent the steam from escaping, Switch on the flame and let the steam cook for 15 to 20 minutes, Once done, switch off the flame and very carefully take the tiffin box out of the sauce pan or pressure cooker. 2. After leaving, I will make the real spice in it. Today I will prepare Bhapa Ilish (Hilsa) Recipe. This is a popular Bengali food hilsa (Ilish mach) recipe. Though I belong to Kolkata. Monsoon and ilish are two synonyms for Bengal. Your email address will not be published. And that’s how my grandma used to … Like … Dim Bhapa is another quick and easy recipe that you can cook when you are short on time or low on energy, but wish to not order outside. Ilish Paturi Recipe very Easy Traditional Bengali Fish Recipe Mom used to coat the fish in a wet spice mixture and wrapped the fish in a banana leaf. Now place Hilsa Chunks in the curd mixture and coat from both sides. However, the closest and most popular dish to this would be the ilish bhapa or hilsa bhapa or for that matter any fish bhapa where the eggs are replaced with fish. Getting Lucky with Ilish Bhapa. 2. Any spicy bhapa dish like Chingri bhapa, Ilish bhapa etc will call for two important ingredients - Green chili and Mustard oil, without these two 'bhapa' will taste bland. it’s bhapa ilish formula product of ilish Ernst Mach (hilsa fish) with down powder and spices. The only … Many people like Bengali fish recipes. Ingredients: Ilish - 2 Pc. You may however skip it if you want a white gravy, If you do not like mustard, you can only use poppy seeds. Make a paste of mustard and turmeric powder with some water. Bhapa means steamed. Because it’s tastier than Kolkata Hilsha Fish.

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