These models differ in terms of management, ownership, access control, and security protocols. A cloud deployment model is the type of architecture a cloud system is implemented on. Today, the evolution of the private cloud ecosystem offers a much richer set of deployment … The five most popular cloud deployment models are public , private , virtual private (VPC) , hybrid , and community cloud . Private Cloud is also termed as 'Internal Cloud', which allows the accessibility of systems and services within a specific boundary or organization.The cloud platform is implemented in a cloud-based secure … Each cloud deployment model fulfills different requirements so it is important for organisations to choose a right deployment model … Here are the disadvantages of using private cloud model: Restricted Area of Operation. The most popular cloud deployment models are Public cloud, Private cloud, Hybrid cloud and Community cloud. The private cloud … The private cloud resources are not as cost effective as resources in public clouds but they offer more efficiency than public cloud resources. When private clouds first emerged more than a decade ago, there was essentially just one deployment model: a DIY deployment approach where companies set up private cloud services themselves on their own infrastructure. Disadvantages.

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