The Snowball was an acceptable mic in many ways and certainly had its supporters. This option is excellent especially if you have more than a single person in the room for interviews on your podcast, or if you have a guest lecturer with you. USB mics like the Blue Snowball or Yeti are a leading choice for gamers because they sound great, they’re easy to use and they don’t require any additional gear. Does the snowball work with in-game chat and teamspeak /Skype? Blue has teamed up with Ubisoft ® to bring you the Snowball Black iCE + Ubisoft $20 Discount Bundle. But with the right USB mic, you can kiss those horrible mics goodbye for good. It’s a pretty basic mic but it’s great that the Snowball covers all the important features that a good quality mic should have and at a very reasonable price: you get a multi-pattern USB microphone that is easy to take around with you, has outstanding features, plus it also includes a desktop stand as well. Blue is one of the most respected and well-known names when it comes to quality-made microphones since they offer devices that range from entry-level to mics for professional use. I just wanted to add a few things: 1) If you had an older Snowball and weren’t happy with the sound quality, they have improved considerably over the last two years. Each of these colors look nice and bright, so you have some choices on what colors to pick for the your mic. The plastic and metal components are durable and relatively heavy for the small device. Well at least better than cheapo desk mics or any headset mic you care to name. snowball BLACK iCE + Ubisoft $20 Discount. The microphone Blue Yeti also comes with a hardcore shock mount stand that will keep things running smoothly. Read our review; See it on Amazon; See it on Amazon (UK) If you want a microphone for more than just gaming… Hello! Blue offers studio-grade USB mics that you can use on a computer or a Mac for all of your projects and recordings. Having said that, its quality is closer to a high-end consumer microphone than a … The Blue Snowball microphone features a cardioid mode with – 10 dB pad which is the second option that is quite similar to the first option (cardioid); the only difference between the two is that this will capture much louder sounds while maintaining the same clarity and quality of these sounds. But especially when you start downgrading its features, justified or otherwise to make it a cheaper buy. Although the microphone is much more cost-efficient, Blue claims that the mic can capture clear, clean, and crisp studio-sounding audio for music, vocals, gaming, as well as multimedia production. The Snowball iCE then made its way to visit Dhyana from!. You'll need to go up a few classes of Mic's do do that. Snowball Ice though comes only … I have pretty bad tinnitus from jumping out of planes and being around loud explosions for years and I use headphones without any problems. Compared to other microphones in its price range, the Snowball is top-notch and will be good enough for any aspiring podcaster or YouTuber. Your Blue Snowball microphone is one of the best for recording Twitch streams and professional-quality YouTube videos, but it may take some adjusting to achieve the perfect settings. The Blue Snowball microphone is set in a sturdy and durable box so you definitely know that the company ensures to keep their products safe during shipping. Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close,,,, Creative Labs Outlier Gold Wireless Headphones Review, Top 7 Budget Cameras that Are Ideal for Streaming, Transducer Type: Condenser, Pressure Gradient With USB digital output, Polar Patterns: Cardioid or Omnidirectional, Frequency Response: Position 1-3: 40 –18 kHz. Blue Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone The Best Affordable Microphone for Gaming. Most of the microphones listed in this article are condenserstyle mics. Buying a microphone is a big task if you are new to the YouTube gaming world. In-game meaning I can communicate with people while playing multiplayer like BF4. The Blue Snowball ICE is the budget sibling of the Blue Snowball. You just need to plug one end of the included wire to your PC’s USB port and the other end into the back portion of the microphone; once you’re done with that, you’re all set to use the Snowball microphone from Blue. Lets find out! The Snowball is a good little mic but it's barley consumer grade. If you want to buy the Blue Snowball Microphone, you can purchase this for only $69USD via Blue’s official website. The Blue Snowball microphone is a very easy to use US?B microphone that gives you three selectable arrangements for sound capture; it features a three-position slider on its back which changes the mic into a cardioid, cardioid with -10 dB pads, or Omni. The gaming industry’s #1 premium USB microphone, Yeti delivers unparalleled depth and clarity to your Twitch ® streams and in-game communication. The cardioid with -10 db pads has lesser sensitivity and its level peaks are decreased or even eliminated; this makes the microphone more useful when you’re in an extremely loud environment and you want to capture the best and clearest possible sounds. The Blue designers build the mic to look like an old fashioned micfrom the 1950s and it comes in a variety of colors that all have that same retro charm. Yet a mic’s performance all boils down to how great it sounds, and with the Blue Snowball microphone, we can definitely say that it produced excellent sounds that definitely did not disappoint. Title says it all. The Blue Snowball is perfect for streamers on a budget who still want quality audio. ***Vintage PC Technology Mega Discussion Thread***. Together with Overwatch ® (PC Download, $40 value), this bundle gives you … There are, admittedly, a lot of things to consider. If you aren’t sure what cardioid is, it’s basically a great element for talking directly to your microphone so it’s great for podcasts, voice-overs, as well as twitch streams. its very popular and thats probably an indication that people like it...... You must log in or register to reply here. Via ATTACK ON GEEK “In order to provide quality content as a podcaster, web-show host or even a video-game streamer, the quality of sound is especially important. I would like to know if the Blue Snowball microphone that a lot of people have been using for commentary can be used during in-game. We also tested the signal character and sensitivity of the Snowball and it resulted in excellent clarity and adequate detail when it captured sounds from drums, guitars, vocals, percussions, and more. This microphone has the most easiest of the setup… The Blue Yeti Microphone has been the top go-to option for streamers for years now. Blue USB mics series are very suitable for vocals, musicians, singers and podcasters who record their voice productions in a home studio. The packaging is brilliant considering it’s price of just under $50; giving a glimpse of this best USB Microphone for gaming. The Snowball is covered in plastic with Blue’s logo fixed on the front portion of the mic; it also has a three-position switch that is used for the microphone patterns located at the back of the device; also, the Blue Snowball microphone that we have comes in the Textured White shade which is really nice and clean-looking – something that we really liked a lot.

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