You are about to leave for an external website that is not maintained by the U.S. Department of State. Attach the group’s terms of reference to the page - use a callout attachment. It is possible to narrow your search across a particular legislation type or set of legislation types by using the checkboxes. When you are writing a detailed guide, there are also a few more things you need to think about. View a good example of an equality and diversity page. Bad title example: Using and submitting your business expenses, Good title example: Submitting your business expenses. Use ‘to’ instead of a dash or slash in date ranges. Our research programme aims to help us develop policy that’s informed by evidence, and to help us understand the needs of service users. Topical event pages are used to communicate government activity about high-profile events or in response to a major crisis. Use a document collection for grouping related documents on a single page: You can add a document to more than one collection. This begins with your page title and summary. This content type is no longer available. Health. Links to external websites are provided as a convenience and should not be construed as an endorsement by the U.S. Department of State of … Good title example: Amendments to furniture fire safety regulations. We maintain the national archive of all births, marriages and deaths dating back to 1837 and further information on our services can be found using the links shown below. First, create a publication page and then add the attachment as an HTML publication. This helps the government be transparent about any changes made to public information. Write conversationally – picture your audience and write as if you were talking to them one-to-one but with the authority of someone who can actively help. Do not include information about their personal life, for example marital status, children, hobbies etc. My wife was ill and our children were getting sick. Capital letters are reputed to be 13 to 18% harder for users to read. If you create an energy use page, a link to it will automatically under the ‘corporate information’ heading on your organisation and your ‘about us’ pages. ‘To’ is quicker to read than a dash, and it’s easier for screen readers. Minutes should only be added by policy advisory groups. Each page title is a H1 (heading level 1), so start at H2. Don’t worry we won’t send you spam or share your email address with anyone. Include keywords – especially ones you have not included in the page title. You need to Contact GDS to get approval to set up a group page. Find out how to create and update correspondence publications in Whitehall publisher. Adapt this text: Contact our press team if you’re a journalist with a media enquiry or interview request. A Contract may be between … For example, say ‘Canteen menu’, not ‘What’s on the menu at the canteen today?’. For services publicly available on different domains, use an alternative typeface like Arial. But we can make sure we get as close to accessible for everyone as we possibly can, simply by being very, very clear. The Government of the United Kingdom, formally and commonly referred to as Her Majesty's Government, is the central government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Lead with: ‘From 2020 to 2021, our priorities will be…’ Make sure you keep this information, and the years referred to, up to date. Our personal experience of weather on a local scale is a tiny sample of the activity in the atmosphere with constant shifts of air pressure controlling whether it rains or shines. As a public body, we publish regular information about what our equality objectives are and how we’re meeting them. Use the GDS Transport Website font in Light and Bold. Some content types have a specific style, such as: news articles; ... FAQs are strongly discouraged on GOV.UK. If you have to publish legal jargon, it will be a publication so you’ll be writing a plain English summary. When deciding whether to use ‘must’ or ‘legally entitled’ etc, consider how important it is for us to talk about the legal aspect, as well as the overall tone of voice. Potatoes are now on the banned vegetable import list from outside the EU. George, husband and father of 4 children, said: “It has made such a difference to our lives. Find out how to create and update a news story in Whitehall publisher. Do not include anything about the speaker, date, venue or audience in the title (the date and speaker appear on the page automatically: if it’s needed, put information about the venue or audience in the summary). Link to where the organisation’s research publications are published on GOV.UK. Good summary example: Get a licence to sail your pleasure boat on the River Thames. Welsh language scheme pages also use specific headings and a set structure. 97%. Find out how to create and update notices in Whitehall publisher. You’ll pay a different fee if you apply for a passport from another country. Bad summary example: Training materials for gas pollution, contingency planning and response course. This is particularly true for those with visual, cognitive or mobility impairments. You must meet all legal requirements of the visa for which you are applying. In policies, ‘we’ is also used, for example, ‘We announced our intention to do x as part of the coalition agreement.’. The email address will appear below all the other sections. Registration number (number plate) For example, CU57ABC Continue This may be a legal requirement, but not completing it would just stop the person from moving on to the next stage of a process, rather than committing a more serious offence. Stick to the most senior governance boards and committees. Find health resources from the government. Find out how to create and update a promotional material page in Whitehall Publisher. Make sure text is gender neutral wherever possible. Both Australia and Canada have inherited the term and continue to use it. Types of care. Use the active rather than passive voice. The main purpose of GOV.UK is to provide information - there’s no excuse for putting unnecessarily complicated writing in the way of people’s understanding. Do not duplicate information. Children quickly learn to read common words (the 5,000 words they use most). The 7-year war in Darfur (2003 to 2010) left x people homeless. We use cookies to collect information about how you use Content containing background information about why a user needs to complete a task or the history behind it should be in a policy paper. £69.99. The site launched as a beta on 31 January 2012, following on from the Alphagov project. That’s what media organisations do. If you create a procurement page, a link to it will appear automatically under the ‘jobs and contracts’ heading on your organisation and your ‘about us’ pages. Due to Covid-19, certificate orders will not be completed within the published timescales In line with public health guidance, the General Register Office is operating with reduced staffing to comply with social distancing guidance. The ‘not’ is far more obvious in this: “Do not use the new waste oil standards before 1 January 2015.”. Find out how to create and update publications in Whitehall Publisher. Complaints procedures also use specific headings and a set structure. Include links to related publications but use collections to group them if more than a few. The government sent [building company, builders etc] to Darfur in June 2011. These are the links at the top right of your organisation page. Good example: This is where we publish financial information about projected and actual income, expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audits. Good example: They anticipate words and fill them in. ‘The war in Darfur left many people without homes. guidance and newsletters: If you create a research page, a link to it will appear automatically under the ‘corporate information’ heading on your organisation and your ‘about us’ pages.

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